Never Tana -- excerpt from a  stream-of-conscious novel about a woman's spiritual journey. (pdf)

"The Vultures of Paradise" -- The hurricane was coming, but the old man hadn't noticed.  (Southern Gothic) (pdf)

"Appearances" -- a dark Southern Gothic tale of uninvited visitors. (pdf)

"Big Money, Lotta Dust" -- a rollicking, fun scifi adventure ride!  Welcome to a strange, yet familiar world!  The Anarcho-Texan Republic is a fading memory, but their organic, all-natural weapons still lurk in the shadows. A genetically modified, cybernetic cosplayer and world-weary, electronic-hat-wearing cowboy team-up to take on the murderous mutant hipster vampire scum that infest the distant future arcologies of North America.  (pdf)

"Whatever Became of Fateless Slim?" -- high epic fantasy meets psychological drama.   Set in the Elder Scrolls universe, this is the story that asks: what happens to the hero after her journey?  Fateless Slim has more than just withdrawn into herself. She feels nothing, but struggles to cope with loss and grief after a great war and a pyrrhic victory.  (pdf)