LOG 0005

This was supposed to be the post where I link you to the perky and promising first draft of a novella about faith, loss, and learning to trust all over again. 

Unfortunately, this week was like doldrums on the high seas for writing, and I will not hit the September 28, 2015 deadline I set in my head for myself on Never Tana. I know. Amidst the boos and hisses which I imagine this news elicits from you (my wonderful readers) I wonder, "Why doesn't anyone ever sail the low seas?" And while scholars debate that nautical crisis, I'm left feeling a bit disappointed I won't have a full draft to post on Monday. 

However! Today's visit to the Harold Washington Library yielded a half meter high stack of awesome research materials that have me beaming, gushing, and making power smoothies so I can read all night.  The walk through the aisles rejuvenated me, as well as did finding books I never knew existed that I absolutely need right now. Perfection. 

Of course all this new material to research would maybe mean that this novella could make it to the full novel length I was hoping for way back in March when the idea first hit me. I am not fooling myself on that score though. It'll be as long as it needs to be. But a novel would be appropriate...since I am taking a novel writing class! Already did a write-in at this studio and it looks to be just like...the best. Will let you know how it goes. Class starts Wednesday. If anything appropriate comes out of our assignments, prompts, or exercises you just might see it here. 

But you know...I'm thinking. To make up for my loss of words, maybe I should put up some new music? Why you betcha! I mean I have in fact written a good ten minutes worth of new songs. So you should be able to listen to them. Keep checking back here and on Twitter for the link to some fresh Kslim sounds. 

And that's about all there is for this week. See you next week. You know. Same bat time, same bat channel.