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The fogs have lifted a little bit around current story. You can read an excerpt here.  Like Kahless and Morath this story and I struggle, but in the end it is you the reader who will emerge from glorious battle--victorious!!! 

For now though, feast your eyes on this little number. "The Vultures of Paradise" A Southern Gothic tale I wrote way back in early 2000.  It freaks me out now, post-Katrina and all, but I still think it holds up (pdf version). 


Hello, and welcome to jon-rc-roller.com

I am a writer, traveler, bon vivant and all around weirdo. For your education, entertainment, and amusement I have created this site to be a place where you can read the wonderful, splendid things I made up with my brain. 

Though...I suppose my hands and fingers helped out, too. Hmmm....indeed. Well.

Currently, there are only a few stories and poems available (as well as the free demo album by K Slim), but I am working around the clock to create new content. I will be posting new short stories, poems, drafts, and excerpts from longer works. The stories on my desk right now range across three genres: scifi, fantasy, and experimental lit fic. So I hope and believe that there'll be something for everyone at some point. Unless you're into like...NASCAR romances or bigfoot erotica or something. I ... I don't really do that kind of thing. In any case, what I endeavor to do in my fiction is to stand the tropes and conventions on their heads -- then put them back on their feet if need be. There will be spaceships, supernatural monsters, and stream-of-conscious unreliable narrators reflecting on angst and ennui --though probably not at once...unless....hmmm....that might actually....nah-- but in ways you've probably never seen them before. At the heart of it, under the crazy pyrotechnics of form, there are people. Fake people, to be sure, yet struggling in their verisimilitude with simulacrums of very real problems that us real world types like you and me see everyday in our own humanity. 

Eventually, there will be an ebook or two onsite for you to download and enjoy.  Alas, I have no plans for any physical books at this time, but hopefully somehow someway we --yes, you readers and I -- can work together to make physical books a reality. 

Here on the blog there will be (probably) bi-weekly posts of insightful, thought-provoking, and informative entries on topics of interest, including but not limited to: science, language, history, and the arts. And once I figure out how to do a newsletter, there'll be one of those, too! So you can sign up and keep informed on the fantastic, thrilling, awesome things we are going to see coming up on the site. 

Thanks for reading! Now--back to the writing desk!