LOG 0004

Coming around to a postable draft for Never Tana which will be around about the same length as Old Man and the Sea. So call it a novella. 

C.P. Burke writes stuff over here. If you're into horror & weird lit & that kind of thing you'll dig it. 

Keep thinking I'm going to post something long on the blog here about current events or something, then am reminded of what a damn fool thing the internet is and just let the idea go. Sometimes I think the internet of things for Web 4.0 is actually going to defy all the bad sf predictions of noise and go the other way--"silence, and a deeper silence, while the crickets hesitate."  Because everyone will always already be bored by the static they were thrown into. Maybe. Maybe not. 

I've got a novella to finish anyhow. Off to it. Have a good week!  Ta.