LOG 0006

Well, I couldn't let another week go past without saying anything, so ... 

My novel writing class is awesome. By December I'll have the first 50 pages of The Republic of Heaven available for one and all to beta read / work shop / whatever other stupid buzzword there is for "read". 

I know I promised new music, but I don't want to put anything up that is of the piss poor recording quality I have at present. I know. Sorry. I'm a shit head. I shouldn't have even mentioned it in the last blog. Just got ahead of myself. Eventually I'll have decent equipment and can get some solid home recordings up. And by eventually I mean November probably. Sorry! 

Some point in time in October will be the last moment any sunshine is seen in Chicago until March 2016. That moment could be right now, so I'm going outside for a long walk around the neighborhoods. I'll be wearing the slightly crumpled aviator's that appeared in my apartment 4 years ago instead of the slick raybans I found on a newspaper stand earlier this summer. I don't know why free sunglasses keep coming my way, though I do recall having an imaginary conversation with Ganesha in my head about my need for a new pair when I looked over and saw the perfect set just sitting on the wooden shelf which would have held papers 30 years ago but now were useless oddities in a hot, empty parking lot. I decided then not to look a gift elephant in the mouth, nor question the arrival of the sunglasses either old or new. I'm just going to put on free sunglasses and walk around because this might be the last time this year that I get to do that. I feel bad that I haven't tried harder to find the owners of these sunglasses--especially the raybans, because I know they're expensive--but the odds of ever seeing them through through the dark hardened plastic are thin. It grows late, I must away before I loose that sun again.